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Gwinett has been one of the fastest growing counties in the country over the past two decades with a population of more than 805,000 residents. This diverse and rapidly growing county is home to many attractions such as the Gwinnett Braves, the Gwinnett Gladiators, and the Georgia Force. Empire Fire Protection provides Gwinnett with a variety of fire protection services such as fire hydrants, exit lights, kitchen hoods, fire sprinklers, and backflow protectionsto name a few. Please contact us so we can help your home or business be protected from fires.

Backflow Prevention Gwinnett, GA

Back pressure is a way that an undesirable contaminant may enter your potable water piping. Sources of back pressure may be pumps in the water distribution system, boilers or heat exchanging equipment and even power washing equipment. In these cases you may have an almost constant risk of overcoming the static water pressure in the piping – and when chemicals are used, a backflow preventer is essential to keep contaminants out. We provide our Gwinnett customers with superior backflow prevention systems.

Exit Lights Gwinnett, GA

Emergency lights provide lighting in corridors, stairwells, ramps, escalators, aisles, and exit passageways in the event of a power outage. If your emergency lights fail to operate properly during an emergency situation or power outage, the people in the building may have difficulty exiting. In the case of a fire, delays in finding the exits can be life threatening. Make sure your exit lights are working properly before you need them. Call Empire Fire Protection for your exit sign and lighting needs in Gwinnett area.

Fire Alarms Gwinnett, GA

Fire alarms are not something that most businesses or managers think about – until they really need them. Your customers and your staff deserve to know they are protected, and having your fire alarms tested regularly ensures that if and when you need them, they will work effectively and provide enough warning to evacuate. With Empire Fire Protection, you can protect your customers and your property in Gwinnett.

Fire Extinguishers Gwinnett, GA

Fire extinguishers are required by law, and provide a fast emergency response to a small fire outbreak. If you are fortunate, your fire extinguishers will site for long periods of time without any use, and it is imparative that they are properly charged and tested to ensure they will work properly in the event that they are needed. We offer fire extinguisher testing and charging in the Gwinnett, GA area.

Fire Hydrants Gwinnett, GA

Testing fire hydrants can uncover a number of mechanical problems, including valves that don’t operate properly, leaks, pump damaging debris, or low pressure flowing from hydrants. It is important to discover problems and get them resolved before fire hydrants are needed in an emergency. We can test, inspect, and repair fire hydrants in the Gwinnett area and resolve issues before they become serious problems.

Fire Sprinklers Gwinnett, GA

Much like fire alarms, fire sprinklers may go years without use, so regular testing is required to make sure they are working properly and have enough pressure to extinguish fires. You also want to be sure they are activated at the right time and have the proper coverage. Get your fire system checked regularly by our certified technicians.

Kitchen Hoods Gwinnett, GA

Commercial cooking areas, ranging from fast-food restaurants to institutional kitchens, cannot afford an interruption in operation caused by a fire. Insurance statistics prove that if a restaurant has a fire, it may never reopen; those that do have lost time and money in the form of personal injury treatment, equipment replacement, and potentially higher insurance rates. Don’t let your Gwinnett area business get burned – call Empire Fire Protection.